Dangers of “sleeping on your stomach” 

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Who likes to sleep on their stomach? You may have to read a bit. Why sleeping on your stomach may be more dangerous than you think.

It is believed that each person has their own sleeping position. The bed and comfortable sleep are all your own. Whether it’s a side-lying position, a back-lying position, or a stomach-lying position. But did you know that? Many prone positions People may like to sleep this way. In fact, it may be more dangerous to health than everyone thinks. Today, Hello Doctor will present the dangers of sleeping on your stomach for everyone to get to know.

What effect does sleeping on your stomach have on your body?

  • Breathing

Many people should have already noticed that The prone position is a sleeping position that makes it difficult for us to breathe. This is because you are pressing on the core of your diaphragm muscle. It’s in the middle between your chest and abdomen. This makes you unable to breathe fully into your lungs. makes it difficult to breathe and feel more uncomfortable

In addition, it is difficult for us to breathe. It also affects mental health. There is research that found that shallow breathing This can result in increased levels of stress and anxiety. The prone position puts pressure on the lungs and diaphragm, making it difficult for us to breathe. Therefore, it may cause us to experience more stress. And as a result, it becomes more difficult to sleep. สมัคร ufabet

  • spine

There is research that found that Sleeping on your stomach is a very bad position for your spine. This is because sleeping on your stomach will cause a lot of pressure on the spine. This makes it impossible to stay in the correct position that suits the shape of the spine. Resulting in back pain especially the lower back Pelvic range It may also cause tingling. and body aches as well

  • Throat

The same is true of the spine. Sleeping on your stomach can be considered a sleeping position that is not suitable for the spine and neck area. When we have to sleep on our stomachs, The face will be turned towards the bed. It makes us need to turn our heads in another direction. Because I couldn’t breathe. When we lie in this position with our neck turned for a long time, This will cause the spine and head to be out of alignment. Resulting in neck pain and may lead to severe symptoms. If you continue to lie on your stomach like this

  • Pregnant woman

The prone position is an inappropriate position for pregnant women. Because it is not only the weight of the body that presses on the womb area. The size of the womb is large. It will make us sleep uncomfortable. It may also increase the force pulling the spine down. Resulting in acute back pain. Especially those who are 16 weeks pregnant or older. The size of the womb is often too large. This makes it inappropriate to sleep in the prone position. Or sometimes it may refer to the position of sleeping on your back as well. Therefore, the sleeping position is most suitable for pregnant women. Therefore it is a side-lying position.

Good technique if you need to lie on your stomach.

Although we may already know that sleeping on our stomach is not good for our health. But sometimes We may need to sleep on our stomach, for example if there is an injury to the back or side of the body. This makes it impossible to sleep on your back and side. Therefore, if we need to sleep on our stomach There are good techniques. That can help make sleeping on your stomach more comfortable as follows:

  • Use a low pillow.  Try to choose low, flat pillows or no pillows at all. To make the distance between the neck and the mattress as small as possible.
  • Choose a hard mattress.  A soft mattress will cause your body to collapse into the mattress. And it makes you feel even more uncomfortable. and breathing more difficult Therefore, you should try to choose a firm mattress. That doesn’t make us sink into the bed.
  • Pillow:  You should find a pillow to support your hips. To help lift the spine back into the same plane. and in a more natural pose It will help reduce pressure on the spine. In addition, women may find a pillow to support in the chest area. To help reduce pressure on the breast. and can help reduce chest pain

Remember that good sleeping position is very important to the quality of your sleep. and your overall health, so if possible and there is no need to sleep on your stomach We should all avoid sleeping on our stomachs. Because it may cause long-term problems with health. including difficulty breathing, back pain, neck pain, and other problems that may follow later