AC Milan follows 2 before chasing Lecce 2-2.

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AC Milan misses the opportunity to score points to catch Napoli. The leader team to be closer. When only able to draw 2-2 with Lecce. But they turned the situation back from trailing 2 goals in the first half.

Football Serie A Italy
Lecce 2 – AC Milan 2

Stadium: Stadio Comunale Via del Mare

The game started just 3 minutes. Lecce took the lead 1-0 from Pierre Galulu. Who easily missed the ball, was snatched by Federico Di Francesco and pulled open to the left. In the middle, Theo Hernandez, who squeezes with Blaine. Tries to tackle But pushed to miss his own goal

The home team still plays flickering over the 23rd minute. Escaping 2-0 when Morten Hulmand kicks the ball into his left foot and opens from the right side. Curves into Federico Baschirot’s head. Retort headed into the goal.

Milan seems to have a beautiful attacking rhythm. UFABET At the end of the first half, in the 39th minute, Tommaso Pobeka shot with his right foot over the crossbar.

Later, in the 43rd minute. Milan should be able to break the egg when Davide Calabria opens from the starboard side into the penalty area for Olivier Giroud to head into the crossbar already. But Vladimir Miro Falcone still flew and brushed off the back.

At the end of the first half.

Lecce surprises Milan with a 2-0 lead.

into the second half After invading for a while The visiting team beat the egg to 1-2 in the 58th minute. At first, Giroud was involved in a shot with the left in the penalty area, being brushed off by Falcone before the home defense line continued to intercept. But the ball was not out of danger, Rafael Leao could follow and keep it in the left penalty area before touching his right foot and then shooting a tight corner.

Milan, who tried to take the goal of the rivalry, enjoyed the invasion But came to lose a free kick at a dangerous distance, it’s good that Gabriel Strefezza, the home striker, ran to beat him with his right foot, sticking to the side, pinky over the crossbar.

Finally, Milan drew a 2-2 draw until the 70th minute when Tommaso Pobega opened from the front of the penalty area to the left. nothing left

In the 79th minute. The Milan supporters were excited when Imael Bennacer gave Junior Messius a chance to shoot from the left in the penalty area on the right side. Hitting the far post before Giroud fired again was extracted from the line. But in the end the linesman raised the offside flag anyway.

The rest of the time, the Rossoneri were unable to overtake a goal and ended the game with only a 2-2 draw with Lecce, leaving them nine points behind leaders Napoli.