Barcelona president slams disrespect to Messi

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Barcelona vice-president Rafael Euste has slammed the former management for their “sincere disrespect”. After disrespecting and disrespecting Lionel Messi, one of the football club’s greatest players.

Barcelona vice-president Rafael Juste has reacted to displays of disrespect and disrespect towards Argentinian forward Lionel Messi. Who is considered the greatest player in history club. According to a report from Marca on Saturday. 

When word about Messi from former Azul Grana executives leaked this week many were outraged by the disrespect. UFABET And disrespect towards one of the greatest players in club history. 

According to reports, former Barcelona chief legal officer Roman Gomez Ponti previously described the Argentina 2022 World Cup-winning captain. As a ‘Sewer rats’ and ‘hormonal dwarfs’ when talking to the club’s previous president, Josep Maria Bartomeu. This angered Barça fans and those associated with the club. One of them is Euste. The club’s current vice-president.

‘They show a huge lack of respect for someone like Messi who has given so much to the club. and lack of respect for the club’

‘I completely reject those words. Which suggests that Kane, who previously managed the team. Didn’t love the team as he should have.’

Euste also mentioned current manager Xavi Hernandez has the full support of management. Before the 42-year-old will lead Azul Grana to their first title challenge as his coach in the final. The best of the Super Copa de Espana against Real Madrid on Sunday.

‘Xavi is full of confidence. He is part of a project created by me, the chairman, the entire board of directors of the club.’ said Euste.