Klopp admits he couldn’t remember any worse Liverpool game.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admits his team is really bad. And can’t remember a worse game after going out to be beaten by Brighton 3-0

“Damn. Damn. I can’t remember a worse game. Maybe it’s not so hard, Brighton are the better team. It deserved to lose. They played very well together.

“They are a very disciplined team against an undisciplined team. We lost the ball, the space was too big. And we can’t push ourselves. Obviously it’s not good. UFABET Especially against a very niche team like Brighton.

“They are very strong. And we do the opposite. I can imagine they were happy because it was a great performance. And we made it too easy in many moments.

“I had the idea to change my plan to try and help the team. that’s the idea But we never did it right. We’re always in between (good and bad) and that’s the worst thing you can do. We could have done better. But we didn’t and that’s why I see it that way.

“We have to create the game with the options we have. What I saw from the team today is they don’t have faith at all and that’s all.

When asked what happened? Klopp replied:

“How would you describe the same players who used to play outstanding football? But if not handled properly it can be like that. We’re usually slower than something like this. If you don’t win an important tackle and losing the ball too easily. They are two of the worst things that can happen in football. There is no model that can solve that problem.”

When asked if he was worried? The German boss replied: “Yes, how can you not be worried after a game like this? I can’t stand here and say it didn’t happen. Obviously we have to worry about it a lot.”